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Specifications of a Typical MOD-3 System


Annual processing capacity                                    160,000 tonnes per year, 440 tonnes per day,  (black bag household waste)

Vessel material load capacity per cycle                              10 tonnes

Cycle time                                                                           45 minutes max. (varies with moisture content, ambient temperature, and composition)

Maximum process temperature                               350°F

Steam requirement per one vessel                           10,000lb/hour @ 140PSI, standard plant requires 20,000lbs/hr/two vessels

In-process monitoring for hazardous contaminants. Automated testing is integrated into the process cycle to monitor for chemicals of choice. When excessive levels of such chemical are detected the batch is isolated and handled in accordance with the appropriate regulations applicable to the the plant site.   


Three phase main supply                                        500kW (electricity generated internally by the plant)

Backup stand-by from grid if available                   220VAC/200A, 1ph (Standby generator may be used)

Power Generation


Air emissions

Water emissions

Plant uses a bagg house to contain the particulate discharge

Wet electrostatic precipitator is used to control other emissions

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